vincent caillé corbeau blanc + chips

vincent caillé corbeau blanc + chips

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loire valley, france

100% corbeau blanc

grapefruit peel & fresh white peaches, green apple jolly rancher, shoplifting from urban outfitters, oysters for breakfast, blowing a bubble

corbeau blanc, is it a grape or is it a bird? it's a trick question, it's both, it's a cute crackly puckery salty acid wine treat but it's also a dope bird w an albino crow vibe, but kind of prettier, or maybe crows are pretty, we just can't look past our deeply cultural dislike of them as oily omens of absolute doom. augury aside, crows are actually kind of dope in a definitely slytherin sort of way, and their albino counterpart is so noble looking, so utterly poised, it's just gotta be super sage, virtuous, enlightened up, pretty much one w the eternal, they're just out there dropping mad knowledge in the form of unintelligable caws that only spooky dead authors could translate for us, rip edgar allan, how we need u now. anyway if you drink this wine u'll be able to speak in corbeau & therefore gain their peerless wisdom, so check it out.

every bottle of wine comes with a small bag of miss vickie's chips