domaine barou 'cuvée des vernes' + chips
domaine barou 'cuvée des vernes' + chips

domaine barou 'cuvée des vernes' + chips

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rhône valley, france

100% syrah

violet pressed inside old book cover, black peppercorn, blueberry gushers, ruby choker, empty altoid tin, basement carpet, salami cave.

syrah is cute but not too cute. sometimes it's rly rly cute, plump n carefree, a wildflower bouquet, a golden retriever face lick. sometimes it's not that at all. sometimes it's a chubby cheeked snot nosed precocious little wine.  sometimes it's kinda meaty, fleshy, a little bit mean. it'll knock u down in the school yard. it'll take the last pizza slice without even asking, it's rude. it shoplifts from sephora. it smacks its gum. sometimes syrah's got a sweet cherub face and a black lil heart, an animal heart, a fiery, f*ck the world attitude n a low animal growl n we've all got a little bit of that in us don't we, so why not get after it?

every bottle of wine comes with a small bag of miss vickie's chips