barraco zibibbo (orange!) + chips
barraco zibibbo (orange!) + chips

barraco zibibbo (orange!) + chips

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sicily, italy

100% zibibbo

gentian lemonade, going fully grey n not giving a damn, rly bitter marmalade, anise, sicilian sea side bikini burn, electric fence zap, thicc lip gloss, perfect score

this is such a fav at the shop, zibibbo aka muscat of alexandria are these fat little lemonade grapes, real chunkers with thick skins that can be a bit showboaty, but in like a charming way, lots of candy orange flavours, lots of grandma's perfume, lots of mango bubble bath. if zibibbo were a person they would be very hand talky, always knocking shit off the table with their hand talking, probably wearing too much blush, forgetting to say thank u when u fill their glass, but they always make u laugh ur wine right out ur nose so u sort of let it go. BUT NOT THIS TIME. this wine is the literal definition of finesse. like elbow length white gloves or being alec guinness or eating ur salad course just before ur dessert course (that's how the french do it u know). barraco took something charmingly gauche n made it so elegant & restrained & purposeful but also still zibibbo-y, still easily understood, easily enjoyed, not too brainy, n juuuust the right amount of showboaty.

every bottle of wine comes with a small bag of miss vickie's chips