alberto nanclares albariño + chips
alberto nanclares albariño + chips

alberto nanclares albariño + chips

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rías baixas, spain

100% albariño

yellow kiwi skin & honeydew, lime mocktail, high qual jasmine tea leaves, hot beach sand, pearl earrings, skinny cigarette, raw silk kimono

oof this wine is a stunner, i hate to say it, but this wine stands out. mostly i apply a sort of montessori school vibe to my wine appreciation, i don't rly believe that some wines are better than others, just that they all have different strengths, and that it's up to u to nurture those strengths accordingly. if the wine doesn't thrive, it's not the wine's fault - u r the one who has failed, u didn't give it the right tools to grow, u didn't pair it w the right vibe or the right cheese or the right spotify playlist. very neo-lib quote unquote enlightened u could say, though i prefer to see it as the more classic & anarchic 'f*ck the system' sort of attitude i bring to all things in my life (results vary), but then, once in a while, a rly, rly high class, exceptional wine comes along & u gotta just throw it all out the window and be like no no, my wine is the WINNER, my wine is # 1, best wine so far, much better than under obama, build a wall around my wine cause ain't no one getting a sip but meeeee

every bottle of wine comes with a small bag of miss vickie's chips