tawse rosé + chips
tawse rosé + chips

tawse rosé + chips

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niagara, ontario

cab franc, gamay, pinot noir

pink grapefruit oil, teeny tiny wild strawbs (barely ripe), upper lip sweat, chewing on a grass stem, goji berry salt scrub, kissing & telling, hot tomato skin, cannonball

whenever i go anywhere that's not a 'wine place' my go to drink is cheap rosé, i just choose the cheapest one on the menu and that's the one i get, and it's always good, and guess what i'm a sommelier (!) and i always think it's good, even if it's not that good, it still feels good, and the feeling is what matters in the end, mostly, not the price or the prestige or even the taste to be honest, just the way that it makes u feel, and if it's a good feeling u don't have to worry about all the rest, so go ahead, put that in ur pipe and smoke it ya friggin' wine snobs!!

every bottle of wine comes with a small bag of miss vickie's chips