morgante 'bianco di morgante' + chips
morgante 'bianco di morgante' + chips

morgante 'bianco di morgante' + chips

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sicily, italy

100% nero d'avola

perfect asian pear crunch, peachy pucker, lemon skin, werther's wrapper, high gloss pvc, ice clinking in empty glass, aquarium rocks

there is an italo calvino short story called crystals (recommend 10/10), in which he relates how the world, our earth, turned one day from a tectonic, lucid mass of crystals, of polyhedrons, dodechohedrons, prisms, diamond trees all right angled & limpid, frozen streams of quartz, spinning mounted spheres of ruby, everything coiled & gleaming, how one day this mass turned quite suddenly from precision & translucency to chaos, gummy, muddy, earthy chaos, and out of this disordered bog arose our monuments to our keenly latticed history, watches made with glass & metal to keep time, looming vitreous skyscrapers to simulate parallel lines, an ersatz order that cannot mimic in its poor, reckless humanity the atomized & careful order of the serene crystal world that predated it, not in the least bit. the chaos of our existence persists, scraping in between our compositions, & although calvino is ultimately a master at conveying the perfect symmetry of change & static that defines our lives, he also did a pretty nice job at describing this wine - lucid, glasslike, simply human, soft, gooey, not quite ordered, still beautiful.

every bottle of wine comes with a small bag of miss vickie's chips