happy pack 'luxe daddy' + chips

happy pack 'luxe daddy' + chips

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luxe daddy is our raw & sexy 5 pack!

bottles for the connoisseur, the extremely selective, the tuxedo wearers and cigar smokers of this world, the moguls & models & russian princesses, the baguette-bagged, the jimmy choo-ed. this is the pack for people who own dogs w the really long faces and who have their own personal uber drivers which were once called 'chauffeurs' back in the olden days before the platform economy did u know? just kidding, these r nice & fancy wines for every luxe daddy out there who enjoys a fine & natty glass,  'cause u know that anyone can be a daddy no matter what if that's what they wanna be, especially u!

happy packs are an ~extremely special~ pack of 5 bottles curated by mads, including some exclusive pix that will not otherwise b avail on the site or in the shop! sit back n take a load off, we'll choose the wine for u. comes with a lil write up/meditation on each bottle to keep ur existential juices bubbling while u imbibe, and as always a smol bag of chips.

new packs released every month! limited availability!