hager matthias 'mollands' + chips
hager matthias 'mollands' + chips

hager matthias 'mollands' + chips

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kamptal, austria

100% grüner veltliner

white pepper, beeswax, rhinestone choker under cashmere turtleneck, lemon-lime ramune, licking a chalkboard, synergy

u know the expression 'u can't unring a bell'? it's one of my all time favs, because, like all idioms, it's so simple & so obviously tru, but also because in its simplicity it rly speaks to this all time human-ness, the sometimes insidious sometimes funny haplesness of being human, that all these things we say & do & learn they stick with us no matter how absurd, even if only in the bottomless pits of our primordial sleep brains, they're still there, ameobic & swampy, lurking, back seat driving, sometimes, after a few too many, they take the wheel. i'm not, by any means, trying to diminish the human brain's singular malleability, our capacity to learn & unlearn, our rapacity for change, it's just that we're more powerful than we think we are, w all these words & meanings & truths in our quiver, we're shooting these arrows around as though we're loading our bows w cute floppy flowers or string cheese or something, but rly they're whetted & bloody. so anyway with that in mind i'm just going to let u know this wine smells exactly like pureed pineapple juice from the big tins so go ahead & try to unring that bell.

every bottle of wine comes with a small bag of miss vickie's chips