enderle & moll 'weiss & grau' (orange!) + chips
enderle & moll 'weiss & grau' (orange!) + chips

enderle & moll 'weiss & grau' (orange!) + chips

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baden, germany

wiessburgunder + grauburgunder aka pinot blanc & gris

bb marzipan fruit candies, dried apricot, still life w oranges, honeysuckle, thunderstorm over lake water, wet bathing suit butt mark, playing darts at the bar

i don't know about u guys but lately i've been following a lot of flower instagram accounts, like just pictures of flowers, fields of flowers, bouquets of flowers, hundreds of bunches of flowers wrapped in crinkly crackling cellophane at the flower market in paris, at the flower market in mallorca, at the flower market in cuenca. rolling swiss alpine hills of flowers, vertigenously blooming rocky mountain flowers, fat, langorous bees dipping into their pollen heavy centers. single perfect tropical blooms perched in rippled hand blown glass vases, in rugged earthenware. flowers draped over luxurious bedspreads & overflowing mediterranean tables. when i sleep i hope to dream of miles of daisies swaying in a gentle pacifying breeze & that my limbs are wrapped in curlicues of softly downed stems, wrapped between my fingers & toes protectively. i think that drinking this wine is a lot like that.

every bottle of wine comes with a small bag of miss vickie's chips