dominio de punctum '20,000 leguas' (orange!) + chips
dominio de punctum '20,000 leguas' (orange!) + chips

dominio de punctum '20,000 leguas' (orange!) + chips

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la mancha, spain

viura, verdejo, chard

favourite bucket hat, drinking thru a curly straw, quarantine hair cut, fuzzy peaches n cream, fresh af ginger chunks, bay leaf breeze

everyone's fav bouteille is back! take her for a spin, take her out for a night on the town, paint it, paint the town orange, it's only appropriate. u can't take her inside anywhere, but that's ok, the world still has so much to offer out under that big old sky. take a look at the local wildlife, the neighbourhood skunk in all its impish glory, the gregarious squirrels, those hedonistic racuns! i'm sure she'll be impressed by your motley menagerie. next perhaps to the beach, breath in that mild algael aroma, hear the sussurus whir of the gardiner behind u, magical really. the moon is glinting gibbously & ur both a little buzzed and u lean in closer, closer, even a little tiny bit closer, u say something clever, something romantic but cheesey, u get that kiss, that gingery, apricoty kiss, u fall in love, u get the girl, u get the house, u get the car, u get the 2.5 kids, u realize everything u thought u wanted has left u feeling empty, u tell her u love her but somethings just not right, u get divorced,  u move to the san fernando valley, u get a job at a bookstore, one day, out of the blue, an orange wine walks into the shop...

every bottle of wine comes with a small bag of miss vickie's chips