le fraghe bardolino + chips
le fraghe bardolino + chips

le fraghe bardolino + chips

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veneto, italy

corvina, rondinella

pine sap on fleece pullover, those cherries that look like a rly good sunset, pithy af orange peel, black pepper, grass blade hand trumpet, petrichor

bardolino is a magical mist covered wine place on the astonishingly beautiful shores of lake garda, a place that makes me think about the one time i did a float, like sensory deprivation, and i was lying there suspended in water in this tiny dark nothing space thinking ceaselessly about all my anxieties (that's what ur supposed to do right?) and my body felt aaalmost the same as it does when u lie on ur back in a lake or the ocean, and u can hear the tender rippling of the water rushing against ur ears, and the sun is making this pink toned glare against ur eyelids which are squeezed xtremely tight, and u feel cool n weightless n happy, but not even happy, u feel like happiness isn't even a thing that matters, all u can rly feel is the sympathetic breath of nature and the clemency of ur own body and what i rly mean to say is that we should all be sensory deprivation floating in lake garda right now but since that's not a thing i'd recommend a glass of this breezy bardolino cause it's as close as we gone get my puppies.

every bottle of wine comes with a small bag of miss vickie's chips