sarnin-berrux vdf gamay + chips
sarnin-berrux vdf gamay + chips

sarnin-berrux vdf gamay + chips

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burgundy, france

100% gamay

baharat, jalapeño fingers, clogs & socks, plumpest wild raspberries, sucking on the cherry pit, wannabe gardener, rattan

like a few hundred years ago some priggish king demanded that all the gamay planted in burgundy be ripped from the soil, absolutely demolished, so that not one grape shall be found aplanted pon thou fields except noble ass pinot noir and fancy shmancy chardonnay and oh mama if that king were with us today boy would his face be red, esp in contrast to his giant white ruffly neck collar thing, u know the kind that everyone wore back in the day. gamay & burgundy go together like kings & white ruffly neck collar things and it only took us about 600 years to figure it out, humans are weird, we're always believing in these faulty qualitative value systems that have nothing to do with anything except our existential need for meaning but hey at least we got there this time!!

every bottle of wine comes with a small bag of miss vickie's chips