andrea occhipinti 'rosso arcaico' + chips
andrea occhipinti 'rosso arcaico' + chips

andrea occhipinti 'rosso arcaico' + chips

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lazio, italy

aleatico, grechetto

buttery af castelvetrano, dill pickle chips, fruit punch fanta, sour cherry froyo, new crayola set smell, pulling off bell bottoms, becoming a dungeon master

yo so lazio is not considered to be top notch for italian wine, it is where rome is located so it's got a bunch of other stuff going on for it, lazio isn't trying to be greedy.  if u like invented the renaissance i guess u don't have to worry about anything else, well, andrea occhippinti isn't resting on his renaissance laurels. he's out there growing and picking big boi thick skinned aleatico & grechetto grapes grown on the slopes of a volcanic lake, squishing them up, letting them sit on their skins for a minute. he's out there making wine magic, making rly refined, elegant, emotive wine, a little bit pickle briney, a little bit high qual maraschino. a little bit mysterious, subtle even, but also straight up dirty. also a little bit lean, sinewy, forceful, strident. so i guess the renaissance can suck it!!! 

every bottle of wine comes with a small bag of miss vickie's chips