j brix 'cobolorum' pet-nat + chips
j brix 'cobolorum' pet-nat + chips

j brix 'cobolorum' pet-nat + chips

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santa barbara, california

100% riesling

pineapple kefir, green wine gums only, sweaty parm, inside of the snorkel smell, lace bikini cleavage tan, ultimate wing man, ice cream cake for no reason

i honestly could not tell u why but the wine makers at j brix call this the naughty goblin wine and i'm not mad about it, we all need a naughty goblin in our life, maybe u've already got a couple but don't even try to pretend like there's not room for one more. maybe they're kinda sneaky & mean & a little bit greedy but hey they keep u on ur toes and they always make u look good in pics. like, next to them. cause they're grotesque. this wine isn't that sneaky or mean & it's def not grotesque but it is a lil naaastyyy, a lil capricious, mischievous, it's super textural, tangy & sharp & funky but kinda creamy, couple tropical fruits, bit of chalky mineral zing n zesty ass citrus, it'll keep u on ur toes so look alive ppl!!

every bottle of wine comes with a small bag of miss vickie's chips